Incident Causes Dissected Artery
$925,000 Settlement

When faced with the challenge of presenting the exact physiological events that led to his client’s dissected artery, Southern California attorney Brett Parkinson of the Law Offices of Robert W. Jackson, reached out to DK Global for a solution. The DK team produced a custom 3D Medical Animation of the circulatory system in order to precisely display how blunt force trauma combined with arterial stenosis, resulted in a critical amount of damage. This presentation featured a unique combination of artistic technique with professional appeal using text labeling and close ups – giving viewers a clear perspective of the injury and causative forces.  

The production team at DK Global painstakingly studied large amounts of medical imaging and reports to ensure the presentation was accurate and corroborated the expert's testimony; one of the many phases of production that are key in providing quality visuals. A comprehensive and easy to understand presentation clearly showed the exact cause and extent of the damages sustained as a result of the defendant’s negligence.  Armed with an outstanding 3D Medical Animation, Mr. Parkinson used his skill and experience to obtain a $925,000 settlement that provided some amount of solace for those affected by this tragedy.

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The incredibly intricate and realistic quality of this animation is a result of top-notch talent and cutting edge technology.  The complex human circulatory system becomes clear and understandable when expert testimony is visually augmented in such a captivating manner.
Michael Caldwell, President & CEO |
President & CEO
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