Man Undergoes Second Surgery to Remove Infected Hematoma
Visual Presentation Explains Complex Surgical Procedure

A 55-year-old man had to undergo multiple surgical procedures after he was involved in a severe motorcycle collision. The crash resulted in a pelvic fracture, requiring a corrective surgery which later lead to the appearance of an infected hematoma. Attorney Joseph A. Linnehan of Morgan & Morgan reached out to DK Global to create a visual presentation depicting the damages sustained, the initial ORIF procedure, and the removal of the infected hematoma. This presentation would help to effectively demonstrate the immense suffering his client experienced as a result of the incident.

The animation commences with a 3D character model of the man coming into view as his clothing and skin turn transparent, revealing the injuries he sustained. These injuries consist of an acute open book pelvis fracture with diaphysis pubis, right L3-L4 transverse process fracture, and a left posterior eight rib fracture. Zooming in on the pelvis, you can see the pubic symphyseal plate that was inserted into each superior pubic ramus with bicortical screws. Surgery was also necessary to drain the infected hematoma on the pubic symphysis. With the induction of general anesthesia, the plaintiff had his lower abdominal region prepped and the previous skin incision was reopened. The devitalized fat and remaining hematoma were evacuated, and the wound was subsequently irrigated and closed. A final surgery was done to remove the original corrective hardware, bringing a close to the medical procedures that were necessary due to the incident. Thanks to Mr. Linnehan's skill and dedication, the case resolved favorably.

Attorney Joseph A. Linnehan's career spans over 40 years in handling civil cases. He is rated AV Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell, and has been Board Certified in Civil Trial Law for the past 30 years by the Florida Bar, an honor that is held by less than 3% of all lawyers in the state. Altogether, the team at Morgan & Morgan have recovered more than $92 million on behalf of their clients.

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