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Medical Malpractice Causes Fatal Intubation
Victim Dies Due to Punctured Lung

DK Global created a compelling visual presentation that faithfully represented the details of a procedure that caused a female patient to die as a result of internal hemorrhaging, while being prepped for heart surgery. An in-depth look into the routine intubation revealed that the tube pierced the patient’s lung, causing blood to fill the airway.

The Medical Animation created offers viewers an easy-to-follow chronicle of events that demonstrates the endotracheal intubation error that caused the patient's untimely death. The animation also illustrates the corrective procedures attempted by the doctors, and efforts at resuscitation—including a facial oxygen mask, laryngeal mask, and jet ventilator—which were all unsuccessful.

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The animation provided in this case was vital in showing how the physician's improper intubation led to the victim's lung puncture, and ultimately her death. The visual aid gives the viewer an internal view of the injury sustained that would not be easily understood through photos or text.
Michael Caldwell, President & CEO |
President & CEO
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