Red Light Collision Results in Severe Injuries
Serious Cervical Spine Injuries

A man sustained serious cervical spine injuries after another driver struck the side of his vehicle. Despite the traffic collision report determining the Defendant in this case was at fault for the collision based on various factors including witness reports, the defense team refused to cover the costs incurred by the Plaintiff as a result of the incident. The Defendant ran a red light and violently struck the side of the Plaintiff's vehicle. Just after the incident, the Plaintiff lost consciousness and experienced an altered mental status. Her injuries were severe, and resulted in exceedingly high medical bills, loss of wages and loss of employment. After sending a demand letter to the defense, the Plaintiff's attorney contacted DK Global to produce a medical animation that would prove the extent of the injuries sustained as a result of the collision.

Radiology images, expert reports, and other medical documentation provided the basis for the medical animation produced by the DK Global team. A 3D character model of the Plaintiff is depicted as the camera zooms in to the cervical spine and shows her disc herniation at the C6-7 level. The disc itself is shown featuring colorized imagery to convey the severity of the herniation, along with the sacral fracture. A slice view of the brain uses colorized imagery over rich custom graphics to reveal the Plaintiff’s subdural hematoma overlaying the left frontal gyri and the extra axial hemorrhage along the high cerebral sulci, near the vertex to the left of the midline. Next, the presentation depicts the epidural steroid injections required by the Plaintiff. Finally, the cognitive consequences of the injuries are listed. This visual presentation provided a conclusive voice that demanded justice for the injured Plaintiff.

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With these animations, we were able to assist in relieving some of the consequences that the Plaintiff had to suffer as a result of the Defendant's reckless behavior. The presentation supported the demand letter and helped to resolve the matter quickly.
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