Insurance Bad Faith - Company Denies Coverage
Six-Figure Settlement for Plaintiff

The Plaintiff in this matter sustained a back injury when a driver plowed into his storefront and struck him, but his insurance company refused to cover his necessary operation. The injury required a surgical procedure to remedy, however, the insurance company would not classify the procedure as an operation, leaving the Plaintiff without coverage. DK Global was contacted to produce an animation that would depict the procedure step-by-step to disprove the defense's claim.

Utilizing the operative reports, the DK team assembled a precise animation that showed the extensive nature of the operation. The animation begins with the Plaintiff on the operating table and shows the multiple incisions made to his lower back. As the animation progresses, the viewer is able to gain full understanding and appreciation of the various steps of the surgery. Sequential dilators are shown penetrating through the incision sites all the way into the base of the transverse process at each level. Additional surgical tools are animated to depict irrigation of the site as well as cauterization of the nerves. The animation left no ambiguity - the Plaintiff endured an operation. With the animation in hand, the Plaintiff's attorney secured a substantial six-figure settlement for his client. 

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Consumers often need attorneys to intervene on their behalf and stand up to insurance companies. It's always a rewarding experience to be a part of that justice-seeking process.
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