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Skin Grafting Animation Aids in Favorable, Confidential Settlement

There is a slim margin of error for construction workers that differentiates between going home safely and sustaining severe - or even fatal - injuries. When an energy company began an excavating project, they failed to accurately map out the location of flammable gas pipes that ran inside the ground. They tasked John to operate a large excavator and begin digging, warning him to be wary of a pipe that was closer than he was told. Instead of being a couple of feet away, the pipe was right below him. John began digging and hit the pipe, igniting an inferno that engulfed him in flames. John was hospitalized with severe burns across 60% of his body and required skin grafting procedures to give him a fighting chance of survival. Despite the medical efforts to save John’s life, John tragically passed days later, prompting a fearless attorney to represent John’s surviving family against the large energy company.

John’s attorney looked to demonstrate the extent of his client’s suffering that was caused by the Defendant’s negligence with an animation that brought the operation notes to life. The attorney brought together his testifying medical experts and DK Global’s team of artists to demonstrate John’s excruciating surgery. The animation depicts a skin grafting procedure where healthy skin is transplanted from one area to another. Watson knives begin excising the skin from John’s legs, where larger bleeding is found and controlled with electrocauterization. Epinephrine-soaked bandages are then laid across the burns and the healthy skin is expanded to over John’s damaged lower extremities.

With the animation in hand at a full day of mediation, the case resolved favorably for John’s surviving family with a full and favorable confidential settlement.

"Our animations support cases like this that demonstrate the pain and suffering endured by your client, for the Defense to realize the result of their negligence."
Michael Caldwell - DK Global Founder & CEO
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