Jenny Anglin of Simon Law Discusses Strategy in Hard Fought Liability Case

Animation Demonstrates the Severity of the Injuries Resulting in a Salvaged Amputation

When a driver failed to yield the right-of-way while making a left-hand turn, their vehicle’s path of travel interfered with a motorcyclist who should have been given the right-of-way. Without adequate time to maneuver his motorcycle out of the way, the Plaintiff struck the passenger side of the Defendant’s vehicle, sustaining severe injuries as a result of the collision. Attorney Jenny Anglin, of the Simon Law Group, knew that she needed a powerful animation to help explain the magnitude of her client’s injuries, so our production team got to work creating a presentation that would provide the visuals the case required.

The key to this animation was to show the jury that the injury was so severe, it was considered a “recovered amputation.” The animation begins by revealing an open wound laceration on the Plaintiff’s left ankle that is over 12 to 15 centimeters long. There was extensive soft tissue damage to the soleus and gastrocnemius muscle. Additionally, the Plaintiff had a lacerated posterior tibial tendon and a tibial and fibula distal shaft open fracture. Moving forward, the animation demonstrated the necessary steps taken to retain the limb.

Hardware was required including an external fixator that later required compression and tubular plates. The external fixator was eventually removed, and a 3.55-millimeter compression plate was installed on the medial distal tibia. The fibula was also fixated with a tubular plate and bicortical screws. After the installation was completed, the external fixator was re-assembled and fit back into place. Damaged tissue was also removed, and the placement of a cement spacer was added. The hardware was later removed from the left tibia in addition to the excision of infected bone from the left tibia and fibula.The Plaintiff received seven different procedures to correct his injuries in a five-month period. With the completed animation in hand, Jenny and the team at Simon Law Group were able to secure a favorable amount for their client.

Attorney Anglin has achieved the honor of Super Lawyers after attaining a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement throughout her career. Located in Southern California, the Simon Law Group is led by brothers Robert and Brad. The firm has achieved great success and has won more than tens of millions in compensation for their clients.

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"Our animations support cases like this, that need to not only describe but visually depict the human anatomy and explain the surgery required to correct an injury."

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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