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Surgeon's Error Results In Permanent Nerve Damage
Excessive Retraction of Dura and Incorrect Placement of PEEK Cage

Attorney Bruce Kehoe, of Indianopolis firm Wilson Kehoe Winingham LLC, reached a substantial settlement in a recent medical malpractice suit. During a common procedure, the surgeon comitted the serious error of over-retracting the spinal cord and incorrectly placing the PEEK cages. These errors resulted in permanent nerve damage for the Plaintiff. It was crucial that Attorney Kehoe proved the incident was more than just a simple error, that it happened due to the surgeon's negligence.

To achieve this, Attorney Kehoe contacted DK Global to produce a medical animation that would dispell any doubts. DK Global animated the surgeon’s errors, as well as a correct version of the procedure to highlight the contrast. Armed with a telling medical animation and experience in litigating mutli-million dollar suits, Attorney Kehoe achieved justice for his client in a confidential amount that ensures the Plaintiff will not be troubled with the medical bills associated with the injury.

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