The Winningest Attorney Utilizes Visuals
Multi-Million-Dollar Settlements & Verdicts for Damages Cases

Attorneys know that demonstrative aids are vital not only as a strategic settlement tool, but also as a way of educating a jury. Impressive visuals at a settlement conference can show the opposing counsel that you are ready to do whatever it takes to fight for your client. These visuals can be just as impactful in a trial setting as they allow jurors to understand complex information in the way that is most familiar to them by presenting masses of information via imagery. Society has become reliant on visual learning and any successful trial attorney knows that they must reach their jurors via a platform they are comfortable with. Surgical animations transform pages of potentially confusing operative and radiological reports into a demonstrative that everyday people are accustomed to seeing all around them on TV, social media, and YouTube.

The team at DK Global produces Complex Medical Animations offering viewers a true sense of the operation while putting intricate details into a context that can be easily understood. Our team transforms medical reports and imagery into a visual masterpiece - working with our clients and their experts every step of the way to ensure accuracy.

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We operate on the fundamental principle that information relayed through visuals, is significantly more effective than information presented through words alone. These visual presentations have proven to be instrumental in very favorable outcomes for our clients.
Michael Caldwell, President & CEO |
President & CEO
Sales & Production Liaison
Senior Visual Consultant
Although the facts and outcomes presented in this email are intended to be true and accurate, they represent the reporting of a unique matter and do not imply or guarantee any type of result or outcome for matters in which DK Global is involved.

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