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Woman Undergoes an Invasive Surgery to Repair Broken Femur
Attorney Utilizes 3D Surgical Animation to Demonstrate Procedure to Jury

Animating a surgery in a manner that communicates the seriousness and invasiveness of a procedure is vital if an appropriately substantial figure is to be obtained. As the above animation demonstrates, a complex surgery can be easily labeled and explained to a jury through the use of visual litigation tactics, allowing the successful communication of the aggressive nature of the procedures performed.

The animation commences with the Plaintiff laying in an operating room, prepared for the surgery that is to follow. The camera then zooms in to show an incision being made on her injured leg. As the skin and muscle turn transparent, the camera focuses on the broken femur in greater detail. As the injured portions of the broken bone are illuminated in red, the femur is shown undergoing a number of invasive procedures, including being bored with a rotary reamer drill. Following this cringe-worthy operation, a distal locking screw is inserted into the cavernous area of the bone and affixed. As the surgery concludes, the wound is sutured before the animation completes.

Using this visual means of conveying the elevated language of the operative reports in an easily comprehendible manner proved vital. The carnal nature of the procedure was accurately and effectively communicated as a substantial settlement was reached on behalf of the Plaintiff. Offering her the ability to not only afford the cost of the expensive procedure performed but also enabled her to take the time necessary to recover.

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