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Young Woman Struck By Cab
Surgeries Required for Multiple Pelvis Fractures & Humerus Fracture

When a woman in her early twenties was struck by a cab while crossing the street, her attorney reached out to DK Global to detail the traumatic injuries she sustained. In the violent collision, the young woman suffered a displaced left proximal humerus fracture and multiple pelvic fractures. DK Global produced a presentation including 3D models and 2D illustrated fractures to vividly show the severity of the injuries the woman endured as well as the aggressive measures which were taken to repair them.

To address the injuries, the Plaintiff underwent two invasive surgeries. The first surgery involved internal fixation of the left shoulder which included placement of a large plate and seven 3.5 mm screws. The second surgery was conducted to repair the fractured pelvis and included the placement of multiple screws throughout the pelvis and sacrum. Though these surgeries initially healed the fractures, the hardware will likely cause future complications for the Plaintiff. Without the use of visuals, a jury or mediator would not be able to fully appreciate the substantial amount of hardware that was placed in the Plaintiff's body.

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