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Medical Illustrations Aid in $6M Settlement for Woman Rear-ended by City Bus

As rush hour traffic accumulated on a Los Angeles freeway, a city bus driver failed to see the standstill in front of him. As a result, he rear-ended Kimberlee’s Chevy Volt at 50 miles per hour. The force of the collision inflicted the young woman with a traumatic brain injury. However, after a year of rehabilitation, she returned to work and even earned a pay raise. Thus, the Defense contested the severity of Kimberlee’s damages and attributed her symptoms to a mild concussion. Pushing back against the city government, Matthew Stumpf and Kevin Boyle of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP secured a $6 million settlement for Kimberlee by illuminating the seriousness of her brain damage using enhanced illustrations of her medical imagery.

After the crash, Kimberlee was taken to a nearby hospital with complaints of a painful headache. CT scans and MRIs revealed a brain bleed. After doctors monitored her condition over the next 24 hours, they discovered the hemorrhaging resolved and discharged her home. However, days later, Kimberlee checked herself back into the hospital with sequelae of a traumatic brain injury: difficulty reading, memory problems, fatigue, and more. Again, doctors sent her home, attributing her symptoms to a mere concussion. As months went by, Kimberlee’s complications worsened. Matthew Stumpf and Kevin Boyle of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP were referred to help Kimberlee navigate her medical process and legal recourse.

Kimberlee returned to work almost a year after the crash. Despite her ongoing symptoms, she persevered and received rave reviews on her performance evaluations, earning two pay raises. Consequently, while the Defense admitted liability for the accident, they claimed Kimberlee's attorneys exaggerated her injury. In turn, Matthew and Kevin’s case strategy centered on documenting and communicating Kimberlee’s symptoms to demonstrate why they persisted 18 months later despite her success at work.

The two arranged for Kimberlee to be evaluated by a team of medical professionals. Along with traces of hemorrhaging in her brain, radiologists also discovered she suffered cerebral atrophy – the loss of neurons and the connections between them. Neuropsychological diagnoses revealed Kimberlee’s ongoing symptoms stemmed from these injuries. With a collection of information showing how dire and undervalued Kimberlee’s traumatic brain injury was, Matthew and Kevin worked with DK Global to enrich their findings into four comprehensible illustrations. Kimberlee’s enhanced medical imagery was superimposed over a 3D model of her likeness, allowing lay viewers to visualize her brain hemorrhages.

With Kevin and Matthew’s expert testimonies and enhanced medical imagery illustrating Kimberlee's brain injuries, the two met with the opposing counsel during the 2020 pandemic and attained a $6 million settlement.

Matthew Stumpf is a trial lawyer at Southern California-based firm, Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, specializing in representing the survivors of complex injuries. Matthew has obtained numerous multimillion-dollar awards for his clients and prides himself on his dedication to attaining justice. Notably, he was a member of a trial team that obtained a monumental $41,864,102 jury verdict for a veteran who suffered catastrophic damages.

A founding partner of Panish Shea & Boyle LLPKevin Boyle specializes in representing plaintiffs in high-profile cases. Recently, Kevin obtained an $800 million settlement for the 4,400 families and victims impacted by the 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kevin received a Martindale Hubbell Peer Review Rating of “AV Preeminent” and is consistently named one of the “Top 100 Lawyers in California” by the Daily Journal.

"It's always great working with DK Global. They're available, they're knowledgeable, extremely talented from a graphic and art point of view. They're willing to put in the extra work."
Matthew Stumpf - Panish Shea & Boyle LLP
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