Security Guard Uses Excessive Force Causing Serious Injuries
Settlement Achieved - Skull & Eye Damage

Brent Sumner of The Sumner Law Group, LLC was brought in by another law firm to handle a tough liability case against a security company.  Mr. Sumner filed suit against multiple parties, including the security company, apartment complex, and the property management company on behalf of the Plaintiff who was injured at an apartment complex when a security guard struck him in the side of the head with his baton. The Plaintiff alleged that the security guard was negligently trained and supervised by the security company and property management company.  Mr. Sumner hired a security expert to discuss the industry standards for security guards and security companies and explain how the defendants were negligent in their training of the security guard in this case. The Defendants hired their own security expert to discuss how the security guard was justified in the force used based upon the conduct of plaintiff.

As a result of the blow to the head, the Plaintiff suffered numerous skull fractures and lost vision in his right eye.  The damage to the Plaintiff’s retina was so severe that his medical doctor testified that he would never see again out of his right eye.  DK Global provided 3D still images of the skull fractures and of the damage done to Plaintiff’s right eye as well as a vision comparison video demonstrating the extensive loss of sight the Plaintiff suffers in his right eye.  The images produced were used in the deposition of plaintiff’s treating doctor to lay the foundation for them and to illustrate the severity of the injuries. The case settled the week before trial for a confidential amount.

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Illustrations with 3D graphics are a great way to highlight the most important details of an injury. Our certified medical illustrators are able to produce illustrations that are not only beautiful, but pack an immense amount of power and detail into just a few stills.
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