Man Runs Red Light & Slams Into Victim
Woman Requires Hip Replacement & Spinal Surgery

Attorney Timothy Lemucchi, of The Law Office of Timothy Lemucchi, and long-time client of DK Global, successfully displayed years of experience and knowledge during a five day trial involving a vehicle collision. Lemucchi represented the plaintiff who was struck by another vehicle operated by a young man who ran a red light. In order to effectively show the sequence of events and the victim’s injuries, Lemucchi utilized an impressive combination of cutting edge legal technology. A powerful trio consisting of visuals, trial presentation software (TrialTouch), and a DK Global Trial Technician, enabled Lemucchi to flawlessly deliver a compelling argument.

The video presentation created for the case was based off of medical imagery and operative reports to accurately portray the plaintiff’s injuries and ensuing medical treatment. This resulted in a combination of detailed still images and 3D Animation of a total hip arthroplasty, also known as a total hip replacement, and a micro discectomy performed on the plaintiff. With an arsenal of tools at his disposal, Lemucchi successfully obtained a $1.35 million verdict for the plaintiff.

 "Our exhibits presentation went very smoothly and Alex was of great help during the trial… Particularly impressive to the jury was the surgical animation of a total hip arthroplasty which was prepared by DK Global. In talking to the jurors after the trial, they were very impressed by that exhibit as bringing home to them the impact and seriousness of [the] hip arthroplasty." -Timothy Lemucchi

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Clients like Timothy Lemucchi tend to return time and again to DK Global because of the usefulness of our products as powerful and admissible evidentiary tools. Our experienced team of visual consultants are on hand to provide the support our clients need, from inception through mediation or trial, and beyond.
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