Colorized Imagery Aids Medical Malpractice Case Theory
Simple Yet Powerful Presentation Highlights Physician's Error

In this Medical Malpractice case, a patient underwent a right hemicolectomy to remove a cancerous tumor. During the procedure, the surgeon partially transected the superior mesenteric artery ("SMA"). This, in combination with a low supply of blood to the bowel, produced a clot in the arteries leading to the small intestine ultimately causing small bowel ischemia.

The presentation for this case is unique as it mostly incorporates colorized scans. The representing attorney envisioned a simple presentation that would be an illustrative way for the surgeon to show the jury how the surgical procedure was performed in addition to how the injury occurred. A 3D model was also created to emphasize the Plaintiff’s CT angiogram of the chest which captured part of the abdomen and showed the staple and occlusion in the SMA.

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