$8 Milllion Verdict for Man Struck While Crossing the Street

Seattle Attorney Patricia Anderson Utilizes Animation for Multiple Injuries Case

DK Global was requested by Patricia Anderson, of the Luvera Law Firm to produce a medical animation for her client after he was hit by a vehicle while walking across the street. The team at DK Global created a 3D animation that successfully helped her reach a substantial verdict. 

The animation shows the Plaintiff's foot and knee injuries and his post-surgical condition, including the metal plates and screws, used to stabilize the three joints. With the support of these visual aids, Patricia Anderson and her partner, David Beninger, obtained a verdict of $8 million for their client.

The trial attorneys at the Luvera Law Firm in Seattle, Washington are fearless advocates for seriously injured people and their families. They handle a broad variety of cases including trucking, bike and auto collisions, train derailments, medical malpractice, product defects, unsafe worksites, corporate wrongdoing, and insurance misconduct.

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"Our visual presentations incorporate all the aspects of your client's story, letting you present your case in a prevailing manner that attains results."

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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