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$1.5M Settlement Despite $500K Insurance Policy Limit

Attorneys nationwide are persevering in their obligation to rise above the call of duty as an advocate for those who need them. These attorneys never fail to demonstrate the diligence, resourcefulness, and compassion needed to remain a beacon of hope for their clients and peers.

Justin Effres of Effres & Associates is one of those attorneys. After his client, Mr. Alsina, was struck by a negligent driver, Justin secured a settlement of $1.5 Million - despite the fact that the insurance policy had a $500,000 limit. Justin conquered this obstacle by utilizing an animation along with a demand letter, which helped underscore the Defendant’s culpability in the collision, as well as injuries that Mr. Alsina sustained.

The Defendant was stopped at a red light, but then carelessly entered the intersection, colliding with the driver’s side of Mr. Alsina’s vehicle, completely totaling it. The Defendant denied responsibility and his insurance company claimed that the Defendant was given the right-of-way, refusing to compensate Mr. Alsina for his pain and suffering. Thankfully for Mr. Alsina, an independent witness observed the entire event, and confirmed during their deposition that the Defendant was indeed at fault.

Initially, Mr. Alsina refused ambulatory services to the emergency room and declined any medical attention. However, as his symptoms began to worsen, it was discovered that he suffered from anterolisthesis of his lumbar spine. Two-years later, despite efforts to manage his pain, Mr. Alsina had no choice but to undergo a spinal fusion surgery to relieve some of his pain.

Justin Effres and his team geared up for trial, ready with DK’s surgical and reconstruction animations. Next, Justin forwarded a settlement demand letter to the Defendant’s insurance for $1.5 Million – in spite of the $500,000 policy limit. Justin warned that the policy was open and that eventually, jurors would review the exhibits and award his client a verdict much larger than what was originally requested. 

The day before the policy demand expired, the Defense contacted Justin and agreed to settle for the requested $1.5 Million.

Justin Effres is a “rising star” trial lawyer in Southern California with eight years of experience advocating for his clients. He was recently recognized by National Trial Lawyers as one of the “Top 40 Under 40 Civil Plaintiff Lawyers”, due to the critical role that he has had in securing numerous multimillion-dollar settlements. Justin prides himself in delivering justice for his clients whose lives have been affected by catastrophic injuries.


"The animators with DK Global really worked with the surgeons in this case to bring the operative report to life."
Justin Effres - Effres & Associates


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