$60 Million Verdict Obtained For Town's Failure to Implement Safety Measures

Paoli & Purdy, PC, Relentlessly Advocate for Surviving Family Using Documentary Presentation

We never want to hear about a school intersection being "deadly," but when the town of Apple Valley decided to ignore the California Vehicle Codes and multiple complaints of pedestrians being hit by cars, that's exactly what the intersection became. Surprisingly, the town even rejected formal requests made by the school district to reduce the speed limit in that area from 55 MPH to 25 MPH. Apple Valley continued to neglect their responsibility to the community, and their obligation to observe their own program, “Safe Routes to School" - a national initiative for students to have access to safe spaces to walk and bike to school.

One dark morning in March of 2016, a boy named Alex was walking to Apple Valley High School at 6:28 AM. He was given the signal to cross the intersection, but as he began to cross, a vehicle traveling at around 50 MPH struck Alex, tragically killing him. Attorneys William Paoli and Court Purdy of Paoli & Purdy, PC, represented Alex's family as they sought justice and answers for why the town of Apple Valley failed to enact regulations that would prevent this foreseeable tragedy. Knowing that the evidence was on their side, and that they could help to prevent tragedies like this from happening in the future, Paoli and Purdy enlisted the help of DK Global to create a documentary about this devastating incident and the intersection's history - which led to a monumental verdict against the town of Apple Valley.

Documentary Aids in Significant Verdict

The deadly intersection where Alex lost his life had inadequate street lighting, insufficient signage, and failed to reduce the speed limit within the school zone – even though the town of Apple Valley had implemented speed regulations in other parts of the town. In order to clearly present the facts of the case, Apple Valley’s negligence, and the intersection’s perilous history, DK Global created a compelling presentation that utilized key documents, witness testimonies, audio, and video footage. The presentation helped to demonstrate the safety measures that Apple Valley failed to recognize and obey, beginning with an overview of the area where the incident occurred, and documentation of the town’s legal obligation to provide safety measures that prevent deadly accidents.

The principal of Apple Valley High School even requested that the California Department of Transportation grant funds for improvements to the sidewalks and roadways that surrounded the school, rather than simply lowering the speed limit and placing proper signage. Multiple witness testimonies were utilized, as well, relaying the overall theme: this accident was preventable, and if the town had acted sooner, this young boy’s life would not have been taken too soon.

By demonstrating the town’s negligence and utilizing heart-wrenching testimonies from the surviving family, Attorneys Paoli and Purdy were able to hold the city accountable and secure a verdict of $60 million against the town of Apple Valley. 

Court Purdy is a partner in the law firm of Paoli & Purdy. He has extensive experience in the field of environmental law, specializing in cases involving exposure to mold, lead, asbestos, chemicals, or other toxins. He also practices in civil litigation, personal injury, wrongful death, vehicle accidents, products’ liability, premises liability (slip/trip falls), and toxic exposures. He has presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, for Mealey’s, Lexis/Nexis, and a variety of other legal organizations on the topic of personal injury, trial, and mold litigation.

William Paoli of Paoli & Purdy, PC has extensive experience in personal injury matters. Those who have been harmed or injured due to toxic exposure, environmental hazards, legal malpractice, or other civil rights violations can find comfort knowing that Mr. Paoli works tirelessly to ensure justice. He is currently a member of several organizations and associations including the State Bar of California, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, as well as the California Employment and Lawyers Association. He holds certification as a Civil Trial Advocacy Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. 

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"DK Global has been very professional throughout all the opportunities we've had to work with them in the past, and in particular this case as well, and we attribute our success in large part to their work in terms of being able to present the story."

William Paoli - Paoli & Purdy, PC

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