Woman Struck and Killed in Crosswalk by City Bus
$4.3 Million Settlement Reached

Attorney Thomas Power, Partner of Power Rogers and Smith LLP, successfully obtained a settlement of $4.3 million in a wrongful death suit involving a 36-year-old woman. The Plaintiff was lawfully walking across the street in a pedestrian crosswalk when a Chicago transit bus struck her with its rear wheels. While this bus driver was negligent and failed to watch for pedestrians, his supervisor - who was stationed across the street - saw the collision and attempted to capture the driver's attention to avoid the woman's death. This, however, was unsuccessful and the bus driver failed to stop immediately after the collision, causing the Plaintiff to be dragged several hundred feet. Attorney Power contacted DK Global to produce an animation that would recreate the scene of the incident and depict how the events unfolded. 

More than just recreating the scene, the DK Global team incorporated surveillance footage from neighboring businesses and utilized a number of tools to create the most comprehensive visual aid. To achieve the precise scene recreation, our experienced designers used 3D animation, laser scans of the intersection, and custom illustrative storyboards. At each step, expert feedback was employed to ensure accuracy. The reconstructed scene offered three separate perspectives to fully visualize the incident from multiple angles. With this animation, Attorney Power was able to prove the severity of the collision and that the collision could have been prevented by proper vigilance. Justice was attained for this Plaintiff in the amount of $4.3 million. 

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Wrongful death suits are not something we take lightly.  Our team works tirelessly to put forth high quality visual presentations, so our clients have the advantage of offering a wide-range depiction of how the incident occurred.
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