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Man Suffers from Severely Crushed Leg
3D Animation Aids Attorney in Reaching Confidential Settlement

Stamford, Connecticut attorney Kevin Greco, Partner of Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey LLP, successfully litigated a suit against a reckless driver who caused a serious head-on collision, which resulted in severe injuries to the Plaintiff. In particular, the Plaintiff's left leg was crushed and he suffered a number of severe compound fractures to his femur. Immediate surgery with the placement of hardware was required to repair these injuries. Attorney Greco contacted DK Global to assemble a medical animation that detailed the severity of the injuries and highlighted the most important components of the reconstructive surgical procedures.

The DK Global team used the diagnostic films and operative reports to create a precise reconstruction of the injuries and surgeries. Once the debridement of the soft tissue is depicted, the femur fractures are shown and labeled. Vivid textures and colors catch the eye and ensure realistic renderings of all pertinent anatomy. Incision sites are depicted over the skin and the body turns transparent to show the hardware moving into place. Lastly, the damage to the subcuticular tissues is shown being reappointed with sutures and skin staples. With this comprehensive animation, Attorney Greco successfully obtained a well above seven-figure confidential resolution for the Plaintiff.


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