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Fatal Crash Involving Teen and Negligent Truck Driver
3D Reconstruction Animation Assists Attorney in Obtaining Justice

After a collision involving a city-sweeping vehicle and a Volkswagen Jetta resulted in death, the decedent’s family contacted an attorney to hold the reckless driver responsible for their loved one’s sudden and unforeseeable passing.

The Jetta was traveling at a consistent speed with the right of way when the city sweeper exited a nearby parking lot and crossed into the Jetta’s path. The Jetta, lacking the necessary time or room to adjust its speed and direction, forcibly collided with the truck. The Jetta spun around and came to rest in the middle of traffic; the vehicle itself was wrecked. Tragically, the driver of the Jetta succumbed to his wounds, while his passenger suffered extreme injury.

To provide effective and accurate content for the representing attorney, DK Global assessed incident reports, traffic reports, witness testimony, and expert feedback to precisely recreate the violent collision. Sound effects and an appropriate point of view were used to increase the realistic impact of the animation. Likewise, crush morphs and other special effects were employed to give realism to the partially demolished vehicle following its involvement in the deadly collision.

Armed with eye-catching visuals, the attorney representing the Decedent secured a substantial figure on behalf of his client’s family, offering them some closure.

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