Fatal Railroad Incident
Confidential Settlement

A worker was driving a specialized work truck along the railroad tracks when his vehicle collided with a stopped train. The worker died as a result of the collision after suffering a severed thoracic aorta, which led to a lack of blood flow to his brain. Attorney Marc A. Zito, of Jones Granger, contacted DK Global to assist in visually demonstrating the mechanism of fatality. By using advanced techniques to recreate the precise cause of death, this animation proved to be a highly impactful presentation in the case, which ultimately resulted in a large confidential settlement for the decedent’s family.

The video below uses an innovative approach to 3D Animation with character and scene modeling, dynamic time compression, and an accurate time-lapse of the decedent’s final living minutes. The animation and research team at DK Global rely on input from expert medical and technical reports, in order to achieve a final product that does not compromise evidentiary integrity.


"Our highly experienced production team created a compelling animation to assist attorney Marc Zito in demonstrating the mechanism of fatality, which proved to be a valuable tool in obtaining a favorable outcome."

Michael Caldwell
President & CEO of DK Global Inc.


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I feel that we were able to obtain a large confidential settlement because of the video animation provided by DK Global. The response time was excellent and the animation enabled us to tell the story in a way that everyone could grasp and understand. Thanks for the excellent work.
Marc A. Zito of Jones Granger Attorneys at Law |
President & CEO
Sales & Production Liaison
Senior Visual Consultant
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