Electric Company Drills, Causing House to Explode with Plaintiff Inside
Attorney Uses 3D Visuals to Convey Negligence to The Jury

A small neighborhood was astounded when a home unexpectedly exploded, leaving smoke and rubble in its wake. Upon surviving the explosion that leveled her home, the Plaintiff sought representation as she endeavored to hold the responsible party liable for the loss of her house and belongings.

The day before the explosion occurred, a local electric company was installing conduit in the neighborhood that involved extensive drilling beneath the track of homes. As the crew bore into the ground at the southwest corner of the neighborhood, they damaged the gas and sewer lines under the Plaintiff’s home. Upon destroying the gas line and perforating the sewer line, natural gas began seeping from the gas line and into the sewer line. The simultaneous damage to these lines also allowed pressurized natural gas to enter the Plaintiff’s home. Unfortunately, by the following morning, the home had been filled with combustible gas. Upon igniting a seemingly harmless flame, the home exploded, causing injury to the Plaintiff and her family member.

DK Global was contacted by the representing attorney to properly convey to the jury the way the electrical company had negligently operated when boring into the earth. DK Global took care to animate the process of the installation of the conduit and how the reckless drilling led to the combustion of the Plaintiff’s home. The animation and informational stills were immediately followed by moving photos of the home after the explosion occurred. The structure lay unrecognizable in the photos and was reduced to rubble. The representing attorney, armed with accurate animations and moving photographic evidence, could secure a confidential settlement on behalf of the deserving client who was struggling to recover from her substantial loss.

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