Multiple Vehicle Collision On Interstate 405
$2,000,000 Settlement for the Plaintiff

The driver of a Toyota Camry rear-ended a vehicle early one morning while headed southbound on I-405, which led to a series of collisions thereafter. The plaintiff in this case was driving a black Honda Civic, and involved in a residual collision with the Camry which was stopped in the lane and had no rear lights illuminating oncoming drivers. Shortly thereafter, the plaintiff’s Civic was struck by a GMC Box Truck in a more severe impact which caused significant injuries to the 50 year-old plaintiff.

Los Angeles based personal injury attorney, Maro Burunsuzyan, nominated as trial attorney of the year in 2004 by CAALA, represented the plaintiff in his claim. Ms. Burunsuzyan contacted Visual Consultant, Alex Deaconson, for assistance in visually relaying the incident and injuries. After reviewing the pertinent case material, Alex composed a presentation scope for a 3D animation that would include a re-creation of the scene to demonstrate the defendant’s reaction time, and a detailed damages presentation of injuries suffered by her client.

Using information from the traffic collision report (TCR) and expert analysis, the team at DK Global produced a 3D animation of the defendant’s vehicle, drawing attention to the line of sight and distance, along with speed traveled as he approached the plaintiff’s vehicle. The presentation clearly identifies the reaction time available to the defendant beginning at 400 ft. before impact. It continues with a medical animation that combines 3D character and anatomical models, enhanced imagery, and text to relay the seriousness of the collision, which could have been prevented. The impact that the presentation had on the defense’s case was made evident when they motioned to have the video excluded from trial. Despite the defendant's claim that the accident between the plaintiff and the defendant was unavoidable, just the way the accident between plaintiff and the Camry was unavoidable, the case settled before it was moved to trial. Attorney Burunsuzyan successfully obtained $2,000,000 for her client.

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The expert's findings were used to display the defendant's point-of-view, distance from the plaintiff's vehicle, and reaction time available to the driver, who could have avoided the collision, if appropriate action was taken.
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