300-Pound Tree Branch Lands on Man’s Head
Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Causes Life Changing Effects

DK Global assisted in a case where a man was severely injured at work, when he was struck in the head with a 300-pound tree branch. The Plaintiff, an employee at a tree cutting company, was standing on the ground roping tree branches while another employee, the Defendant, was cutting them at the top of the tree, in a lift. The employee in the lift failed to follow protocol and threw the branch down without signaling. The Defendant's throw was short of the woodpile and instead, struck the Plaintiff on the left side of the head, causing him to be knocked to the ground. Blood immediately started to flow out of the Plaintiff’s nose and mouth. Following the incident, the Plaintiff required brain surgery due to the severe nature of the injuries sustained. Consequently, the Plaintiff now suffers from memory issues, the inability to follow directions and process information, ringing in his ears, and other permanent impairments.

The three-part presentation created by DK Global includes a reconstruction of the incident, medical illustrations, and a reconstruction of the surgical procedure undergone by the Plaintiff. The animation also features a comparison between utilizing protocol the correct way, and the wrong way, which was the Defendant's negligent actions. A 3D character model with basic likeness is then depicted as the camera zooms into the bone structure to show multiple fractures. Colorized imagery is used to portray the specific types of fractures and the details surrounding them. The camera zooms back out to the character model and a slice view of the brain is depicted. Normal symmetrical ventricles are shown in comparison with the Plaintiff's brain at the time. Colorized imagery also highlights major injuries: scalp swelling, hemorrhage and hematomas, a compressed right ventricle and invisible left ventricle, and a subdural hematoma. This same technique is used to compare normal sinuses to the Plaintiff's sinuses. Lastly, the surgical procedures - left side craniectomy and evacuation of hematoma - are illustrated. This animation proved how serious the injuries sustained were. The presentation aided in demonstrating the severity based on medical documentation, expert feedback, and witness testimony.


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