$800,000 Settlement - Vehicle Turns in Front of Plaintiff Causing Serious Bodily Injuries

A settlement of $800,000 has been reached on behalf of a woman who suffered serious injuries after another driver smashed into her vehicle. The Plaintiff had a green light and was driving across an intersection when the Defendant failed to yield and instead, attempted to make a left turn directly in the path of the Plaintiff. The Defendant struck the front driver's side of the Plaintiff’s vehicle, causing multiple broken bones and other injuries to the Plaintiff, including a mild TBI. DK Global was contacted to produce a visual presentation that would not just recreate the collision, but would depict all of the injuries suffered as a result of the incident.

The team at DK Global utilized the police and incident reports, as well as the operative report and supporting medical documents to produce the animation. The presentation begins with a reconstruction of the scene and the impact itself, depicting the Defendant turning into the Plaintiff’s vehicle and causing the collision. Then, the camera view zooms into the body of the Plaintiff to highlight her injuries. First, the fractures to her ankles are depicted with the exact hardware shown flying in to the site and being drilled into her bones. In addition to the compelling animation, the presentation also depicts the fractures as illustrated by the radiology imagery. The camera view zooms out to show her entire skeleton and then back in using colorized imagery to show each injured part of her body, from her sternum and ribs to the T-spine, tailbone, hips, and knees. Leaving no ambiguity about the serious nature of the injuries sustained, the animation conveyed the necessity for the desired monetary compensation and led to the $800,000 settlement.


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