Semi-Truck Collides With Broken-Down Vehicle
$12.65 Million Settlement - Ted Wacker, Esq. Quadruples Initial Settlement Offer

Attorney Ted Wacker, of Southern California firm TBW Law, secured the largest settlement of any case partnered with DK Global in 2016. He was able to reach a settlement of $12.65 million on behalf of a college soccer player who was severely injured after being struck by a speeding semi-truck. The Plaintiff was driving on I-605 when he lost control of the vehicle and ended up stalled on the highway. Multiple vehicles, including another semi-truck, were able to safely maneuver around the Plaintiff and one driver, who is referred to as Mr. Salazar in the feature video, even pulled over to assist him. The Defendant in the matter, however, was driving recklessly and struck the Plaintiff's vehicle at a high rate of speed. As a result of the collision, the Plaintiff sustained brain hemorrhaging, multiple fractures and other injuries that have completely changed his lifestyle.

The defense team initially offered about $3 million to settle the matter, but Attorney Wacker knew that the degree to which Renee Hernandez' life was affected by the collision and the level of negligence from the semi-truck driver warranted a significantly greater settlement amount. Attorney Wacker and his team were confident in their ability to achieve justice, despite the challenges faced to reach that goal. The defense claimed that the Defendant could not see the vehicle because the Plaintiff's lights were not functional at the time of the collision. However, Attorney Wacker made certain to highlight witness testimony that stated other vehicles, including another semi-truck, avoided the collision. To bolster his argument, Attorney Wacker contacted DK Global for an accurate reconstruction of the collision. At every step of the production process, Attorney Wacker was an involved, proactive and knowledgeable representor for his client. With the new visual presentation and his own tenacity, Attorney Wacker was able to end 2016 on a high note and deliver justice and future security from the burden of medical bills and loss of wages to his client in the amount of $12.65 million.

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