Vehicle In The Fast Lane Gets A Flat On The Interstate
A Linear Animation Proves It Was Avoidable

Following his involvement in a violent collision, a man sought the representation of a qualified and experienced attorney as he strove to hold the appropriate party liable for the injuries he sustained in the preventable incident.

DK Global was contacted by the representing attorney to create an accurate and compelling animation that properly detailed the events of the incident in a visual manner. The creative team at DK Global acquired police reports, witness testimony, and expert feedback to use as tools while recreating the violent impact survived by the Plaintiff. After dissecting and assessing every pertinent detail from the provided reports, the animators carefully reconstructed an aerial view of the location. This point of view was drastically and dynamically enhanced to show a labeled representation of the crash site. The camera again shifted to demonstrate an intimate view of the way the Plaintiff’s van experienced a blown-out tire while traveling on a busy highway. To prevent a collision, the Plaintiff began veering to the right-hand side of the freeway to reach the security of the emergency lane. While numerous cars successfully evaded the damaged vehicle, the Defendant was incapable of stopping his semi-truck in a timely manner and forcibly collided with the Plaintiff’s van. Due to this unnecessary collision, the Plaintiff suffered a severe injury that required a prolonged recovery time.

The animation successfully demonstrated that had the Defendant been vigilant in his efforts to remain aware while operating his vehicle he should have been able to avoid colliding with the Plaintiff’s van, just as countless other vehicles had been able to do. Armed with this demonstrative evidience, and a compelling argument, the representing attorney could successfully litigate on behalf of his client, acquiring a substantial monetary figure that would aid in compensating him for his injury and prolonged recovery time.

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