Vehicle Malfunction Results In Double Leg Amputation
Woman Suffers Severe Life-Changing Injuries

A malfunction in a vehicle manufactured by one of the nation's leading motor corporations resulted in a woman suffering a double leg amputation. The Plaintiff was standing behind her own parked vehicle to guide her relative out of her driveway when the relative's car suddenly accelerated. The vehicle crushed the Plaintiff's lower body against her own parked vehicle. Quick action taken by family members saved the Plaintiff from bleeding to death, but the crush injuries were so severe that she later required a full amputation of one leg and a partial amputation of the other.

DK Global was tasked with accurately recreating the scene of the incident, as well as the vehicles and individuals involved, to show the nature of the collision. The animation begins with the driver reversing towards the Plaintiff to exit the driveway. Next, her vehicle is depicted suddenly accelerating and striking the Plaintiff, as well as the parked vehicles. The camera dynamically moves into a side view of the collision to show the Plaintiff's legs being crushed between the two cars. Lastly, images from the scene contribute to the presentation's overall authenticity. With the guidance of expert and witness reports, the DK team was able to accurately represent the collision and convey the violent nature of the Plaintiff's injuries through a conclusive reconstruction.

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This tragic incident dramatically impacted the plaintiff's life and it was important that our artists portrayed the incident accurately for the viewer to truly understand the nature of the collision.
Michael Caldwell, President & CEO |
President & CEO
Sales & Production Liaison
Senior Visual Consultant
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