Woman Falls Onto Concrete Stairs Causing Traumatic Brain and Spine Injuries
Restaurant Fails to Meet Safety Standards

When the handrail at a popular lakeside venue failed, a woman fell over ten feet onto concrete stairs and was knocked unconscious for nearly ten minutes. The result was severe injuries including a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and damage to her spine.

After regaining consciousness, she experienced feelings of dizziness, confusion, and nausea as she attempted to process her surroundings. In addition, she experienced traumatic injury to her wrist, head, and ribs that required emergency medical attention. Upon reflecting on the incident, the victim admitted to not remembering what happen during the hour following her fall, a result of her TBI.

Though the Plaintiff suffered extensively during the incident, she soon found that her daily routine was severely interrupted by the TBI she sustained after the fall. She was no longer able to maintain focus at work, found it difficult to retain information, and was struggling to complete once routine tasks.

The woman sought representation to hold the venue responsible for remaining ignorant to the fact their property was not meeting safety standards. The attorney representing the Plaintiff sought assistance from DK Global to help recreate the incident, the injuries that resulted, and the struggle the Plaintiff was experiencing in acclimating to her long-term cognitive impairment.

The production team at DK Global read through witness statements, referenced countless photos of the scene, and discussed medical reports as they recreated the injuries sustained by the Plaintiff. As brain injuries are difficult for a jury to understand competently, the DK team had to ensure that the visual representation produced not only accurately depicted the brain slices but also easily communicated the information successfully.

Armed with dynamic visuals, the Plaintiff’s attorney successfully explained to the jury the negligence of the venue, the pain endured by the Plaintiff, and the continued stress experienced because of the sustained TBI. The result was a substantial, confidential win for the attorney and enough support to help secure the Plaintiff’s wellbeing for the future.

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