Trucking Company Held Responsible for Slip and Fall
Attorney Uses 3D Reconstruction Animation to Demonstrate Injury to Jury

When a city employee was instructed to repair a traffic sign using unsafe measures, he fell from several feet and injured his knee and back. The resulting injuries caused severe pain and a prolonged recovery time, causing him to suffer lost wages and extreme discomfort. Upon the additional accrual of medical expenses associated with his recovery, the city employee sought the representation of an attorney to hold the trucking company responsible for his developing debt and loss of earnings.

The employee followed direct instruction from his superior which dictated that he needed to climb upon the exterior of his work truck to reach and restore the broken traffic sign. As the Plaintiff attempted to complete the task at hand, he lost his balance and fell from the height of his truck, causing his left knee to tear, and severe nerve damage to his back.

As the representing attorney heard the Plaintiff’s detailed recount of the incident as it transpired, he identified that the procedures outlined for the employee were both unsafe and unnecessary. He promptly contacted DK Global to create an animation of the event so that the jury could properly process the company’s complete disregard for the employee’s safety and how the injuries could have been easily prevented had company policy considered the security of its’ employees.

The resulting animation bolstered the attorney’s argument that the injuries were not only preventable but directly tied to the trucking company’s negligence. His position was successful and resulted in the attainment of a substantial figure which was used to ease the burden of the accruing medical bills acquired by the Plaintiff. Likewise, it afforded the Plaintiff the time he needed to recover while incapable of working to earn his usual wage.

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