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Extra Mile Award Winner
Timothy Lemucchi
Law Office of Timothy Lemucchi

The Extra Mile Award is bestowed upon an attorney whose commitment to justice unequivocally exceeds expectations. Attorney Timothy Lemucchi has an enduring resolve to support those individuals who have suffered life-altering injuries and boasts a successful career that spans over 50 years. More than 230 jury trials and thousands of clients later, Lemucchi continues to forge forward in granting each client the individualized attention they deserve. DK Global was able to witness this dedication first hand when Lemucchi commissioned our services for a case which took four years to litigate. Where other attorneys may have advised their client to settle, Lemucchi tirelessly fought for his client until a verdict was reached. Our team is honored to have worked with such a respected figure in the legal community and distinguish him, above the rest, for continuously going the extra mile.


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