Chris Otorowski, Esq. Secures Multi-Million Dollar Settlement
$2.75 Million Settlement- Chris Otorowski, Esq. Goes Extra Mile Against City Transit Company

The Extra Mile Award is bestowed on an attorney whose commitment to justice for their client reaches beyond the average representor. Attorney Chris Otorowski's frequent travel to gain the most comprehensive understanding of his clients' circumstances led him to perfectly fit the award criteria. As reported by news sources such as the Seattle Times, this Partner of Otorowski, Johnston, Morrow and Golden obtained a $2.75 million settlement for a woman seriously injured after being struck by a city bus. The Plaintiff in the matter was riding her bicycle and utilizing proper traffic precautions when a negligent bus driver failed to yield. The bus driver did not slow for the Plaintiff and instead, unsuccessfully attempted to maneuver his bus around her. While the driver was able to avoid a head-on collision, the side of the bus struck the Plaintiff and caused a number of life-altering injuries, including serious neurological impairments. Immediately, the bus company began to conduct their own investigation of the collision in an attempt to minimize the failures of their driver. Attorney Otorowski's active participation in trial preparation for the suit allowed him to negate their claim that the Plaintiff was at fault for the collision.

While some lead attorneys entrust their experts and supporting legal professionals to direct the production of their trial aids and sometimes even to relay the most relevant information from depositions, Attorney Otorowski was dedicated to hearing first-hand information. He traveled from his Washington firm down to the DK studio in Southern California to meet with our Creative Director and artists to assure a cogent presentation. In this meeting, Attorney Otorowski was able to give live feedback on specific pieces of his presentation, discuss the overall importance and goals of the visual aid, and even relayed to our team how significantly affected his client was by the collision. In addition, Attorney Otorowski frequently travels to get primary accounts of depositions relevant to his current caseload. In doing so, he is able to gain a more complete perspective of what he should do to bring the case to a successful mediation or trial. His hands-on approach and resolve has led to his clients receiving exceptional representation in the courtroom. Attorney Otorowski has exhibited this comitment in every case he's worked on with DK Global, and continues to do so with his current suit, proving that this excellence is his routine. 

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