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Man Seeks Legal Assistance for Multifaceted Heart Surgery
3D Animation of Cardiovascular Repair Proves Vital to Trial Outcome

A surgical patient sought the representation of an attorney following an extensive heart operation to repair his cardiovascular ailments. The Plaintiff sought legal assistance as he was faced with costly medical bills following his procedures and found himself incapable of paying for the surgery performed, or his recovery needs.

The attorney secured by the Plaintiff contacted DK Global to create an animation that would not only explain the lengthy and taxing operation, but also appropriately convey to the jury the invasiveness of the procedures performed.

Primarily, the Plaintiff’s sternum had to be sawed in half to allow access to the heart. Once the rib cage had been opened, the doctors performed a median sternotomy, removed his thymus, and detached a lesion that was growing in his chest. Finally, they worked to repair his enlarged heart and troubled arteries. The surgery was time-consuming, physically taxing on the Plaintiff, and caused extensive recovery time.

Upon watching the medical animation, the jury could effectively comprehend the invasive nature of the procedure and properly associated the elevated medical terms with the appropriate anatomical figures. Essentially, the medical animation provided by DK Global effectively communicated the complexity of the human heart in an easily understandable medium; leading the jury to create an emotional connection with the circumstances faced by the Plaintiff.

A substantial outcome due to this empathetic connection proved to be a positive win for our client and the Plaintiff in need of relief.  


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