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Bus Hits Pedestrian Causing TBI and Skull Fractures
Damages Medical Animation Assists Attorneys in $6 Million Settlement

Attorneys Daniel L Jones and Ryan D. Harris of Southern California's Harris Personal Injury Lawyers reached out to DK Global regarding a client who was involved in a pedestrian vs bus incident. The woman sustained fractures to her skull, a large scalp laceration, and a TBI. Given the brain deficits his client would have to endure for life, attorney Jones needed visuals to help explain to the jury such medically complex injuries.

The visuals opened with a 3D character model with a similar likeness to the Plaintiff and highlighted the skull fractures one by one. The locations of the skull fractures, hematoma, and other injuries were illustrated to provide a point of reference for the expert's testimony. Our signature colorized brain scans used text to define each injury and share with the jury the significance of each. The presentation closed with a Deficits' animation that summarized the numerous lifelong mental deficiencies the Plaintiff will now suffer due to the incident.

With DK Global’s visuals in hand, attorney Daniel Jones was able to create a lot of risk for the Defense and was able to obtain a $6 million settlement a week before trial. His success comes at the heels of being named one of Super Lawyers' Rising Stars. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. has served coastal California injury victims for over a decade and represents people injured in auto accidents, dog bites, motorcycle accidents and other incidents caused by the negligence of others. 

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