Severe Injuries For Motorcyclist Struck By Vehicle
$4.5 Million Pre-Trial Settlement

Joshua Boyce, of the Law Offices of Frank D. Penney, collaborating with Deborah Chang and Brian Panish, of the Southern California-based firm Panish Shea & Boyle, successfully closed a suit on behalf of an injured 20-year-old. The Plaintiff was ejected from his motorcycle after a negligent driver failed to yield and made a left turn into his path. The collision caused a number of serious external and internal injuries, resulting in him spending time unresponsive in the ICU. Subsequently, the Plaintiff was released from the hospital with permanent injuries including severe back pain. The collaborating attorneys contacted DK Global to produce a comprehensive set of illustration boards that would aid them in litigation.

Throughout the presentation, 3D still images depict the Plaintiff's injuries alongside his MRIs. The concise text provides ample context for understanding the intensity of each injury. Slice views of the brain are employed to give the best visibility for the hemorrhaging and contusions in the left frontal lobe. A 3D model of his back and spine is shown depicting the facet joint injection site. Next, a set of three brain models depicts the Plaintiff's minor cognitive impairments prior to the collision, in comparison with the immediate impact of his severe traumatic brain injury, and his permanent major cognitive impairments following the collision. The impact of the collision resulted in multiple severe thoracic spinal fractures. Vivid colors, details, and textures give life to the injuries. Lastly, a trial exhibit board was produced to depict the Plaintiff's entire upper body with pullout close-ups of his most substantial injuries. Just prior to trial the collaborating attorneys were able to secure a settlement of $4.5 million.

"Mr. Ceccato sustained a variety of serious injuries in this tragic event. DK Global did an excellent job of bringing everything together in a succinct visual display which helped us obtain a favorable result for this young man." - Joshua Boyce of Penney Law


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