Transvaginal Mesh Causes Permanent Injuries
$3.27 Million Awarded by Jury

The pressure on Johnson and Johnson to adequately compensate women that have been hurt by their transvaginal tape obturator product is heating up. A landmark case out of West Virginia garnered significant media attention after it became the first time a jury decided the TVT-O was defective in its design. The jurors found Ethicon responsible for selling the defective product and failing to warn patients of the side effects, which include pain, bleeding and infection. The Plaintiff’s attorney handling this case contacted DK Global to produce a series of medical animations to depict the implantation of the TVT-O Mesh, as well as the injuries sustained as a result of the product defects and excision procedures.

Employed with the task of educating the jury on the purpose of the device and what the defect caused in this particular case (like thousands of others), the DK Global team extensively researched the product and collaborated with the Plaintiff's expert to ensure accuracy. The team produced four animations that assisted litigation to secure a very favorable $3.27 million verdict. The first two animations feature 3D models of the pertinent anatomy, as well as text labeling, to easily relay the relevant facts about the device placement and purpose without overwhelming medical jargon. The third animation went more in depth about the logistics of the device, as compared to the TVT Abbrevo system that should have been used. Lastly, the Plaintiff's injuries and symptoms were compiled in the fourth video along with a description of the multiple explant procedures endured. Due to the implant and excision procedures, the Plaintiff suffers permanent consequences such as the inability to have penetrative intercourse, scarring, emotional trauma, muscle spasms, back and pelvic pain, as well as other complications.

This January, Bloomberg reported that Johnson and Johnson (of which Ethicon is a subsidiary) paid out its first large transvaginal mesh settlement of more than $120 million to resolve between 2-3,000 cases. Approximately 42,4000 cases remain unsettled. Utilizing educational animations that provide foundational understanding of the function and implantation of transvaginal mesh is an easy and extremely cost-effective way to maximize your client's settlement & verdict potential. With the door now open for thousands of other women to seek justice by securing their own settlements and verdicts, it is important that attorneys across the nation are armed with the best tools available to most effectively educate the jury and argue their case.

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This animation played a crucial role in educating jurors in order to achieve a favorable verdict for the Plaintiff. Unfortunately, a product that was supposed to improve her quality of life resulted in permanent negative consequences.
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