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Exclusive with Golden Advocate Attorney Ted B. Wacker
Visuals Aid in $750,000 Settlement for Hard Fought Case

DK Global has had the pleasure of working with Attorney Ted Wacker of the Law Offices of Ted B Wacker, on multiple occasions in the past few years. This Orange County Super Lawyer has been involved in numerous Million-Dollar cases advocating for those who have been greatly affected by others’ negligence.

In this case, a man was hit while riding his motorcycle by a Toyota Dealership employee. The Plaintiff sustained multiple injuries, including pelvic and tibia fractures, along with a pulmonary embolism. Attorney Wacker had DK Global create numerous medical illustrations to convey the Plaintiff’s acquired injuries to the jury. Additionally, the team created a reconstruction of the collision to help ascertain liability.

Despite many twists and turns on this case, Attorney Wacker was able to establish clear liability for the side of the Defense. At trial, right before the closing argument, the case settled for $750,000 in favor of the Plaintiff, an amount the client was over-joyed to accept. Our team is proud to have aided in securing a substantial amount for Attorney Ted Wacker’s client.

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