Panish Shea & Boyle Secures Favorable Settlement For Cyclist Hit in Crosswalk

Erika Contreras Discusses Utilizing 3D Illustration to Depict Unapparent TBI

Attorney Erika Contreras, of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP, took a few moments to sit down with DK Global and speak about how being a woman and a trilingual attorney has been an asset to her career. Her ability to speak French and Spanish in a large population of Spanish-speakers and her experience as a mother of four allows her to connect with clients on a special level and proves that women can do it all.  

Enhancing Medical Imagery to Paint a Clearer Picture for the Jury

Our creative team had the pleasure of working with Attorney Contreras regarding a case of a man hit while walking his bike across the street. The man sustained a traumatic brain injury and a cervical fracture which later required surgery. The Plaintiff underwent a fusion of the spine and knee surgery to rehabilitate from the physical injuries sustained. Unfortunately, they were left with the deficits from the traumatic brain injury. Our team worked alongside medical experts to colorize and enhance key points of the MRI and x-rays. The resulting courtroom visuals aided in illustrating seemingly invisible injuries in the brain and led to a very favorable settlement for the client, before even setting foot in a courtroom.

Attorney Erika Contreras has built a reputation as a Super Lawyers' Rising Star and has been named one of Los Angeles Magazine’s Top Women Attorneys in Southern California. DK Global is honored to work with attorneys such as Erika Contreras who continue to pave the way for aspiring attorneys of all backgrounds and genders.

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"DK Global was instrumental in bringing our client's past and future surgeries to life for the jury to evaluate. This added significant value to the case and once the demonstratives were produced, the case settled shortly thereafter."

Erika Constreras - Panish Shea & Boyle LLP

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