Pharmaceutical Company Defended Against Product Liability Allegation
Favorable Defense Outcome

Product liability defense teams often find their client being used as a scapegoat when improper use of the product becomes dangerous. The featured animation assisted in litigation to prove that post-surgical spinal injuries sustained to the patient were due to the operating surgeon's negligence, rather than a defect in the medical device. The 3D artists at DK Global were tasked with showing two versions of the procedure to highlight the surgeon's error and the reliability of the spinal plate, when installed correctly. Our team animated the appropriate use of the medical device, which would have properly angled the screws to secure the locking mechanism as well as a reconstruction of what actually occurred when the surgeon made the critical error to disregard the screw guide.

Although comprehension and proper representation is important for all legal matters, it is especially true for medical cases where negligence or faulty devices have caused greater injury to a patient. Animations like the one featured present the facts of the case in a way that allows the viewer to see where the actual liability lies as opposed to which alleged perpetrator has the deepest pockets. In this case, the defense counsel made certain to exhaust all avenues of ensuring justice for their client, beginning with this powerful DK animation.

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DK Global, Inc. is committed to achieving justice, including on behalf of those that have been wrongly accused. Playing a role in clearing people's names that have been affected by false allegations, as well as in putting their lives back together, is extremely rewarding.
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