Railroad Company Negligence Causes Collision
Young Girl Suffers TBI

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), around 2,000 accidents occur involving railroads every year. While the number of rail incidents appears to be dropping, hundreds of people are injured and killed in preventable railroad incidents annually.

DK Global had the opportunity to partner with a team of attorneys representing a woman and young girl who were struck by a railroad repair vehicle while crossing a railroad track. The young girl was seriously injured and suffered a significant brain injury due to the negligence of the railroad company. In order to solidify liability and show how the incident could have been prevented, the team at DK Global created an animation based off of precise scene and vehicle information. To attain exact measurements of the scene as well as the repair vehicle involved, DK Global performed a laser scan of the area and designed the animation directly from the measurements attained in the laser scan. The mechanism of injury animation was further enhanced by a series of “what if” scenarios detailing the preventative measures that should have been taken to prevent the collision. The visual presentation proved effective in relaying the blatant negligence of the defendant and the serious consequences that ensued.

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The laser scan performed for this case was crucial in attaining exact measurements for the point of impact as well as the movements of the repair vehicle. This allowed for an animation that was irrefutably accurate and led to a very favorable outcome for the plaintiff.
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