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Through the countless hours spent working with clients and creating presentations, cases come to represent more than just names to the team at DK Global. They reflect the passion of an attorney fighting for justice and fairness, the tragedy of negligence, and hope in the face of suffering. While each case is special to us, certain cases rise above to uniquely engage, inspire, and motivate our team. The Golden Advocate Awards is our way of honoring and recognizing these extraordinary cases.

The Success of the Underdog Award was created to celebrate the victory of a case that represented unique challenges that most may consider a risk not worth taking.

The plaintiff, a full-time college student, suffered soft tissue injuries that affected the muscles in her neck and back, and the loss of cervical lordosis as a result of trauma caused during an auto accident. The eventual defendant was the mother and driver of the SUV that lost control on the dirt country road, causing it to flip and roll. The young woman faced mounting medical bills and needed further care, as she tried to stay in college. When medical and auto insurance claims yielded little assistance, the concerned family turned to Neustrom & Associates to assist them in resolving the matter. Just before the statute was set to expire, attorney Patrik Neustrom took on the case of the underdog fighting against the insurance giant, despite no pending offers to settle the claim. During discovery, his client's sister's case, handled by another firm, proceeded to trial where a jury awarded the sister less than the cost of her medical bills. With a compelling argument and an indubitable visual presentation, Neustrom successfully obtained a settlement of two-times the total related medical bills for his client, bringing a long-awaited resolution for the family.

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