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Through the countless hours spent working with clients and creating presentations, cases come to represent more than just names to the team at DK Global. They reflect the passion of an attorney fighting for justice and fairness, the tragedy of negligence, and hope in the face of suffering. While each case is special to us, certain cases rise above to uniquely engage, inspire, and motivate our team. The Golden Advocate Awards is our way of honoring and recognizing these extraordinary cases.

The Prestige Award is in recognition of an outstanding achievement and is proudly presented to attorneys Steve Vartazarian of The Vartazarian Law Firm and Tyrone Maho of Maho | Prentice for winning a rare legal ruling from a California court, and uncovering an unfathomable conspiracy to commit fraud.

After an otherwise healthy 42 year-old man died following a routine cervical discectomy from a common and easily treatable post-operative hematoma, the widow sought representation in a claim against the treating facility and surgeon for failing to adequately diagnose and treat the blood pocket that formed during the critical recovery hours, post operation. The sequence of suspicious actions following her husband’s untimely death, led attorneys Vartazarian and Maho on a quest for justice that uncovered an unthinkable conspiracy in which the hospital staff and surgeon attempted to conceal the patient’s true cause of death by obtaining a falsified autopsy report performed by a previously dismissed and discredited pathologist. California law requires evidence substantiating probability in order to allow an individual to seek punitive damages with their claim. Vartazarian and Maho’s victory in obtaining the legal ruling allowed the widow to seek punitive damages from the defendants. The team at DK Global was honored to have played a vital role in assisting the attorneys’ present compelling evidence to the jury with a Medical Animation that offered a clear and compelling visual timeline of the events. After a five week trial, and two and a half days of deliberation, the jury voted in favor of the plaintiff and ordered the defendant to pay $4 million in damages to the family.

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