Plaintiff Struck By Driver Who Ran A Stop Sign
Plaintiff Suffers Spine Injury

The decision from a Defendant to run a stop sign left another driver with a serious back injury. The Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck by the Defendant’s, causing the Plaintiff to suffer an injury to the back, which required surgery to correct. Not only did he have to endure a significant recovery time following an invasive lumbar surgery to decompress his spine, but he also developed an infection at the surgical site. This infection required an additional operation to remove necrotic tissue. The Plaintiff’s attorney sought out a visual presentation from DK Global in order to adequately relay the intrusive nature of the surgical procedures endured by his client.

In preparation for trial, the artists at DK created a custom spinal animation detailing the lumbar procedure as well as an illustration demonstrating the removal of necrotic tissue. In addition to the medical animation and illustration, DK Global also served as the trial technician in the courtroom using Trial Touch. Strategic planning from the attorney, coupled with the services provided by DK Global for the case, resulted in a favorable outcome for the Plaintiff.

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We provided a trio of powerful tools for this attorney that enabled him to clearly relay damages through an impressive trial presentation using the most cutting edge legal technology.
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