Driver Suffers Spinal Injury & Brain Shearing in Vehicle Collision
Plaintiff Awarded $1.95 Million

Attorney Russ Reiner from Reiner & Slaughter Law Offices and Attorney Jamin Hogan from Hogan Law Office P.C. represented a man who suffered multiple injuries in a vehicle collision. Their client was driving a truck when he was suddenly struck by another vehicle. As the truck spun out of control, the plaintiff suffered brain shearing on both the left and right side of the frontal lobe, as well as a spinal injury.

DK Global provided Attorney Reiner and Attorney Hogan with a 3D medical animation depicting how brain shearing occurs due to head trauma as well as spinal illustrations. The visuals prepared show the movement of the brain, and resulting shearing of the axons when the frontal lobe makes contact with the skull. DK Global worked alongside expert doctors to thoroughly explain how brain shearing occurs and to illustrate the severe spinal injuries that the plaintiff sustained. The combination of effective visuals and litigation skills led to Attorneys Reiner and Hogan successfully obtained a $1.95 million verdict on behalf of their client.


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In order to accurately present this medical animation, our team worked with experts to best illustrate how this injury occurred. We successfully transformed a complicated brain injury into an easily understandable visual.
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