Driver of Overturned Jeep Sustains Spinal Injuries
Confidential Settlement Reached

Attorney Evan Howell, Partner of Georgia firm Howell & Johnson, reached a settlement on behalf of a driver who was injured in a rear-end collision. During the incident, a semi-truck collided with another driver, who then smashed into the rear end of the Plaintiff's vehicle causing his Jeep to flip over. As a result of the collision, the Plaintiff suffered a rotator cuff injury, as well as a serious cervical spine injury that required surgery to repair. Attorney Howell contacted DK Global to produce an animation that could be used to compel a hesitant defense team to settle the matter.

The presentation, which is a reconstruction of the anterior cervical discectomy fusion at the C5-C6 level, shows a commitment to bringing the details to life. Distraction pins are depicted drilled into the vertebrae as a scalpel comes into the frame and performs the annulotomy. Kerrison rongeurs are shown removing the anterior overhanging osteophytes and later, performing the foraminotomies as well. A diamond burr is depicted removing posterior osteophytes and uncinated processes. Equipped with this comprehensive presentation, the severity of the injuries, and invasive nature of the surgical procedure it necessitated, was clear. The defense team conceded to the strong argument presented by Attorney Howell and agreed to a substantial settlement for the Plaintiff.

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The little things matter. In every medical reconstruction, special care is given to ensure that each instrument and piece of surgical hardware is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also matches the details outlined in the operative reports.
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