Trucker Pins Wife Between Semi-Truck & SUV
Woman Suffers Severe Lacerations & Back Injury

Kansas attorney, Patrik Neustrom, of Neustrom & Associates, was contacted by a woman who was injured due to being pinned between her SUV and a tractor-trailer that was being operated by her husband. She needed help navigating through complicated insurance and causation issues of her claim. When on the job, the couple worked as a driving team for the same commercial trucking company. The wife had parked parallel to her husband’s truck and climbed inside to speak to him. As she exited the truck and headed toward her SUV, her husband prematurely proceeded to pull out of the parking lot, subsequently pinning her between the two vehicles. The metal frame above the rear mud flap deeply cut the woman, who also suffered additional injuries to her lower back. Neustrom alleged that the driver failed to follow the proper protocol, and assisted the wife in the intra-family suit, which was filed in state court. The parties agreed that a federal declaratory suit contesting coverage would be dismissed.

Neustrom contacted DK Global for help in demonstrating driver duties and fault in order to assist the plaintiff in recovering damages under the state’s system of comparative negligence. DK Global produced a Reconstruction Animation that offers a play-by-play of the incident, using detailed scene and character modeling, custom graphics and medical illustrations. The full-length animation includes excerpts from the employee rules and regulations handbook that clearly identifies the proper course of action to ensure the safe maneuvering of the truck. The presentation assisted Neustrom in showing more fault on the defendant truck driver and trucking company, which resulted in a favorable confidential settlement for the plaintiff.


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We produced this presentation in a strategic order, placing conclusive information appropriately. The video breaks down the straight-forward yet pivotal facts of the improper steps that were taken by the driver which led to the incident.
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