Rear End Collision Causes Shoulder Injury
Victim Endures Three Surgeries

Attorney Steve Caya, of Nowlan & Mouat LLP contacted DK Global for assistance in displaying multiple surgeries after his client was seriously injured in a rear-end vehicle collision. The driver of the vehicle was a 55-year-old, self-employed steel worker who worked in a physically demanding industry. The collision caused significant damage to the plaintiff’s right shoulder and he required multiple surgeries to repair the torn bicep tendon and rotator cuff. After the first two surgeries failed to adequately repair the shoulder, a third surgery was performed. The insurance company accepted that the first two surgeries were for injuries related to the vehicle collision, however they contested the third shoulder surgery, arguing that it was performed to address degenerative injuries.

The DK team referenced operative reports and medical imagery to create an animation that proved that all three surgeries were necessary to repair the accident-related injuries the plaintiff sustained. Through the use of animation, the viewer is able to appreciate the invasiveness of the procedures and gain an understanding of the shoulder pain the plaintiff will suffer from for the rest of his life. The visuals proved to be instrumental in the case and the jury returned a verdict of $766,000 in favor of the plaintiff.

"I think the DK Global animation was critical in establishing to the jury the nature of the shoulder issues and the type of surgeries the plaintiff required. The jury was able to visualize clearly the injuries to the plaintiff’s shoulder." -Steve Caya



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The medical animations created for this case were vital in demonstrating that not just the first two shoulder surgeries, but also the third were required to repair injuries sustained in the vehicle collision.
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