California trial lawyer, and long-time client of DK Global, Walter T. Clark of the Walter Clark Legal Group, contacted the team to assist him in the crucial demonstration of a careless waste truck driver after a young woman was struck in a school zone cross walk. Through a systematic production process, DK Global provided an unequivocal 3D Reconstruction Animation, offering viewers the ability to interpret pages of documents and supporting evidence, in just two short minutes. Every imperative detail, extracted from traffic collision and expert reports, was strategically presented in the animation, leaving little chance for misinterpretation or argument in support of the defendant. With liability clearly displayed, the seasoned attorney successfully obtained a $1,100,000 Settlement for the female plaintiff. This Reconstruction Animation was strategically compiled to demonstrate the driver’s critical errors that included backing down the entrance to the parking lot, and not properly utilizing the multiple rear view mirrors and camera, in which the plaintiff was clearly visible. A gray scale scene set the stage to highlight the 3D character and vehicle model, narrowing focus to the critical details.


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