Judge's Ruling Nearly Doubles Award in Spinal Injury Case
Defense Ordered to Pay for Medical Illustrations

Bakersfield, California attorney, Timothy Lemucchi, took on the case of an elderly woman, whose pre-existing spinal condition had been aggravated by the negligence of another driver. The courageous and ambitious decision to pursue a settlement for the plaintiff, despite pre-existing injuries and a low value policy, for most, would be a risk not worth taking. The defense refused to accept the plaintiff’s request for $25,000 and subsequently, Mr. Lemucchi took the case to trial.

With a credible and likable plaintiff before the jury, the main challenge became showing the specific nature of the damage caused by the defendant. To accomplish this, Mr. Lemucchi retained the team at DK Global to produce clear, accurate, and detailed medical illustrations to demonstrate the injuries.  Upon viewing the evidence, and DK's medical presentation, the jury returned a $25,000 verdict for the plaintiff, enabling her to receive proper medical treatment.

In addition to the verdict, the defense was ordered to pay the fees and costs associated with litigation, which included the illustrations prepared by DK Global.  When the defense objected to the cost of the illustrations, the matter was taken before the judge, who not only ordered that the requested amount be paid, but also indicated that the illustrations had been vital to the outcome of the case.

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Not only did I get my jury verdict of $25,000. I got an additional $23,493 in costs for a total of $48,493. This was not bad for a small case that was vigorously contested by the defense.
Timothy Lemucchi, Esq. |
President & CEO
Sales & Production Liaison
Senior Visual Consultant
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